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Personal Retreat

A complete guide for planning and engaging in your own personal two-day retreat.

This workbook provides everything you need for planning and engaging in your own two-day personal retreat. Complete with how to plan, what to consider, and a schedule of prompts and activities for two full days away.

Aimed at connecting you with yourself and your Heavenly Father this workbook utilizes the beatitudes to curate a thoughtful and meaningful time of reflection, processing, and rest for those finding themselves in need of a "cold glass of water" for their souls.


This workbook is meant to serve as an accompaniment to your own scheduled personal retreat. You have the freedom to identify the dates, location, and logistics, and the workbook fills in the gaps and answers the question: "What will I do when I get there?"

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After purchasing the ‘Personal Retreat Workbook’ the following will happen:


  1. You will receive the 30+ page digital workbook as a downloadable and fillable PDF (it can be printed too!)

  2. The digital workbook will guide you through how to plan for this retreat, what to consider, and ways to prepare.

  3. YOU get to identify the location and dates for this retreat - all you need to bring along is the workbook (and your clothes and toothbrush of course). 

  4. Engage in your own personal retreat with the workbook guiding you through each morning, afternoon, and evening

  5. Return to daily life carrying with you the insights and take-aways from your dedicated time away


This workbook is for:

  • Anyone who desires to press pause on the busy-ness of daily life and demands to reflect, rest, and connect with themselves and the Lord for a few days.

  • Those who have wanted to take a personal retreat, but haven’t been able to travel far or pay the additional costs associated with a retreat facilitated by others.

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Get the workbook now!

The Personal Retreat Workbook download includes a digital workbook with prompts for self-guided discovery and journaling at your own pace.

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