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Pillars of

Through guided exploration, the Pillars of Personhood workbook helps you to identify possible core values within yourself and those with whom you are in close relationship.

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Quite different from self-help or how-to, this core values workbook helps to identify the part of our personhood that does not change. This unwavering anchor within yourself is explored in light of its reflection of Christ.

Journey individually, with a trusted guide, or with a significant other as you search out patterns within yourself to grow in understanding of the pillar of your personhood.



As you progress through the workbook you will find explanations of the core values, examples, journal prompts, questions and guidance.

All of these features will assist you in identifying your core values, as well as consider the possible core values of others. It will also move beyond identification as you consider areas of growth, and steps towards sharing your own core value and honoring the core value of another.


Pillars of Personhood is for…

  • The person wanting a deeper understanding of the self.

  • The person struggling to relate to their co-workers.

  • The couple who wonders why they fight about the same thing over and over again.

  • Anyone wondering the ‘why’ behind conflicts, desires, choices and relationships.

Why Identify My Core Values?

Whether you are the type who loves to dig deep and self-evaluate, or the type who prefers to keep things simple and uncomplicated; this booklet will help identify your own ways of relating to the world around you, and the ways you may differ from your friend, spouse, or co-worker.

There is both heart and logic in the identification of core values. Growing deeper in your understating of yourself and other people allows you to experience more freedom in the ways you reflect Christ and grant that freedom to others in the process.

Get the workbook now!

The Pillars of Personhood download includes a digital workbook with prompts for self-guided discovery and journaling at your own pace.

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