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Do you see gaps in your team member's ability to take ownership of their own choices or actions? 

Does stress and tension within the workplace seem to be consistently unresolved?

Have you ever wondered 'why does there seem to be a lack of maturity within my team?'

We have an exciting new resource available for any non-profit, business, or organization related to equipping and caring for staff. After receiving a lot of feedback from leaders desiring to help and support their team with tools and knowledge related to emotional health, we developed a 1hr training video on 'Understanding and Managing our Emotions'.

In this 1-hr recorded training video, we provide a brief overview of what it looks like to aim at emotional health, particularly within our work environments. Geared towards anyone operating within the workforce, the content is approachable and digestible while also complete with helpful images, useful resources, and real-life examples. Managing our emotions and responding well in situations, especially within stressful and demanding environments, can be difficult. As we look at emotional health in 3 parts (identifying, owning and expressing), we will see perspective changes and tools we can implement for caring for ourselves and our emotions and responding well to others within our context. 


Each video download  comes with a printable PDF mini-workbook that coincides with the training material. Viewers are able to engage with the content in a more meaningful and individualized way as they take notes, emphasize key themes, and have a resource to take with them following the training.


Lifetime access: $300

Following your purchase,  you will receive the full video download to utilize at your preference. 

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